• MESS-FREE / NO GLUE NEEDED : We use a series of light-weight magnets that 'sandwich' your natural lashes in between. As they are light, they will not pull down on your natural lash. No damage, unlike other false lash methods.
  • Comfortable & Light-Weight : Suitable for everyday use. The style of the lashes in wispie and flirty without being over the top! the bands are flexible so they fit perfectly to your natural lash line to offer the most undetectable wear ability.
  • Reusable 50+ Times (Money saver!) - Keep your lashes stored in the box them come in and you will be pleasantly surprised with just how long you will be able to use & re-use these lashes. Since no mascara or glue are put on these lashes, they stay intact and great looking for 50+ uses!
  • EASY APPLICATION: These lashes are simple to apply. All you need is a mirror and a pair of tweezers! We invite you to check out our website www.oursecret.ca for the application video! Whether you are in your car right before a party or you were invited last minute to "happy hour", you will be able to apply these lashes with ease in under 2 minutes. Practice makes perfect though and it takes 1-2 tries to get familiar with application process.
  • High Quality Fibers & Cruelty-Free: We use synthetic fibers for these lashes as we believe it is truly unacceptable to be using mink furs. Suppliers claim they acquire them in a humane way but there is no way t really know unless you stay away from mink all together! *******PLEASE VISIT WWW.OURSECRET.CA FOR VIDEO ON HOW TO APPLY 

Our Secret Magnetic Lashes, Style: BOLD

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